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What is Nature Therapy?

Updated: Sep 8, 2023

Someone asked me recently - why would I pay for one of your groups when I can just take a walk in the woods and reap the benefits of being outside that way?

To which I replied - VERY GOOD QUESTION!!

And I would love to share my reasons with you, faithful reader!

Taking a walk in the woods is GREAT! SO many benefits, we would all be doing it multiple times a week if I had my way. You absolutely can do this and reap the benefits of being outside, no doubt about it.

AND paying for a group has benefits that will support your personal growth and healing goals in a tangible way on multiple levels.

  1. You will learn about the mental, physical, and emotional benefits of what you are doing, making it even more real, giving you more motivation.

  2. You will be led to practice things you might be learning about in therapy or have heard about in the research as being proven methods of reducing the negative impacts of stress, increasing self-compassion, and cultivating helpful emotional experiences like gratitude and awe.

  3. You will be held in a safe and supportive space, by a highly qualified mental health professional, trained yoga teacher, certified nature-informed therapist and coach, to do nature-integrated activities that encourage meaningful self-reflection as well as subconscious integration of inner growth that are happening for you.

  4. You will get the opportunity for meaningful connection with like-minded others who are also on a path of personal growth and healing. Not just surface level, small talk, but deep level discussions, reflections, and support.

  5. You will be supported and encouraged to cultivate a relationship with the Natural world and learn ways you can do so in your daily life. This relationship goes both ways, and can help you to more regularly slow down, bring intention into your life, increase your self-awareness, and honor your innermost self.

So yes, go for those walks in the woods with friends, research also shows this is one of the best ways to practice mental health self-care. And also if you are interested in bringing a deeper level of connection, intention, and practice into your life, the Nature & Mindfulness groups I facilitate are a great way to do this!

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