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Need stepmom help?

Step parenting is far from easy.

We provide stepmom therapy & coaching to help you navigate and enjoy your blended family to the fullest. 

Blended families can be messy.
But they can also be beautiful.

Get the stepmom help you need to advocate for yourself, set better boundaries, and be present for the beauty your life has given you.

Step-momming is HARD ya'll! I know personally.

That is me and my blended family on the right.

I talk to Stepmoms all the time who struggle with many different complexities:


  • Dealing with a challenging ex

  • Behavioral issues with the kids that seem impossible to solve because people aren't on the same page

  • Differences in parenting styles with partners 

  • Financial burdens

  • Custody issues and more


Regardless of the specifics, the challenges are similar. Having gone through this, I am called to provide stepmom therapy, coaching, and support.

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You can't pour from an empty cup.
Take care of yourself first.

- Someone very wise

If you need stepmom help,
we hear you loud and clear. 

Here are just some of the things I hear from Step-moms!

"I feel so bad that I don't look forward to the kids coming over" 

"I don't know how much to insert myself and how much to let go of" 

"My husband is constantly talking with his ex and it makes me feel crazy" 

"The ex causes constant drama and I hate seeing my husband go through what he has to go through" 

" The kids have no responsibility and it makes me feel crazy" 

Step-moms have a hard time feeling like other people understand what they are going through.


Their mom friends don't quite get it, their single friends definitely don't get it, and there's a lot of outside pressure and expectations that they feel burdened by. 

This is why Stepmom Therapy and Stepmom Coaching can be so helpful!

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Stepmom therapy, coaching & support groups

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Counseling to help you set better boundaries, be more present, & align your behaviors to reflect your true inner values. 

Only available in MD

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Coaching is a fantastic way to do deep inner work that supports your outer interaction & performance in the world. 

Virtual, across US

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Stepmom Support Group

Support and get supported by other stepmoms experiencing similar challenges and rewards as you. 

Virtual, across US

The Stepmom Support Group is a good fit for you if

🦸‍♀️Get face-to- face with other Stepmamas who UNDERSTAND your journey!

😂🤪😭🙏 Laugh, vent, cry, & get Unstuck from places/ mindsets that aren't supporting you in your blended family life.

Now is the time to make sure you're getting the support you need. 

This pandemic has been hard on mental health, relationship health, parenting! Give yourself a weekly refreshment by joining this support group. It will seriously leave you feeling rejuvenated, heard, loved, supported, and like you've unloaded some burdens.  You will be guided by two amazing Step-mom Coaches who understand your struggles and ways to support you. 

Here's what group members get:

* Virtual group meetings weekly w/ other Stepmamas

* Weekly modules related to overcoming Step-mom challenges including: boundary-setting, defining your role, how to deal with the Ex, healthy step-couple basics, self-care as a Step-mom, connecting with your Step-kids, and more based on the groups need...

* The experience of being seen, heard, supported, in a non-judgmental space by people who GET it

* A voxer group - a group chat app that allows you to connect in between sessions both through audio messages and text messages.

* Professional input from two life and professionally experienced Step-mom Coaches! 


Stepmom to 10 yr old boy

The Step Mom Strong support group gave me skills to be able to build a relationship with my stepson. It gives me a place to turn when i need advice and things get hard. Ladies who understand the struggle. Nathalie was a life/relationship saver. I couldn't be happier that i joined her group!" 


Stepmom to ages 8 & 11

 I can tell stepmom's who haven't had this experience that it's so worth it! Nathalie is the person who put me on the path I've been following the past couple years. She taught me that a lot of the expectations I thought were on me, I was putting on myself. There's a lot of love and support - but also some straight-talk, no BS reminders that more often than not, we alone are responsible for the state of our lives!


Stepmom to ages 12 & 13

Each week, we focused on different aspects of ourselves and how to bring back boundaries and personal needs... things I hadn't even considered since I joined my blended family.
Who was I before? What mattered to me? It is OK to retain those things while loving this new situation. So much of what was said made me appreciate my blended family (including my partner's ex) and gave me the tools to negotiate myself within my current situation. I'd do any of it again!
Mother and Two Kids

Discover what's possible when you prioritize you.

A good question to ask yourself is:
What's the cost of not investing in you?

If you are interested in working together, please find a time on my calendar for a free 15-minute phone consultation to see if we're
 a good fit!

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