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A Mindfulness Hiking Group for Women

Take a forest walk and connect with like-minded women in pursuit of self-understanding and growth. 


Experience deep social connections and the therapeutic benefits of nature and movement.

Fall Bi-weekly Saturdays, minimum of 3 required

Fall Dates: 9/16, 10/7, 10/14, 10/28, 11/4, 11/11

Or, if you've never been on a hike with Nathalie before, schedule a free 15-minute phone consultation to make sure it's a good fit! 

Group Therapy Forest Walks

Get outside on a nice little hike, to learn, breathe, and connect with others on a similar path! 

Led by a licensed therapist, these facilitated group therapy walks are a powerful way to supplement therapy and personal growth work, be healthier emotionally, re-write unhealthy patterns & prioritize your own joy and well-being. 

Our 90 minute Forest Walks together include: 

Group sharing to foster connection ​

Discussion topics to think and move with 

Support others in their transformations

Mindfulness & mental re-framing tools to walk away with

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The best thing you can do for your brain is take a walk in the woods with a friend and discuss your problems.

Dr. Sanjay Gupta

Take a mindful forest walk led by a therapist, and fill your heart with nature & meaningful connection

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Connect with
meaningful people

If you're an introvert, have social anxiety, or simply seek deeper connections than usual, join a guided forest walk.

It's connection and heart work powered by nature, mindfulness, and guided conversations with like-hearted people.

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Be supported and support others

The only thing more re-affirming than being helped by someone who cares about you it is helping someone you care about.

It's always amazing to see how, even though everyone's story is different, they overlap in profoundly revealing ways.

Image by Angelo Pantazis

Re-connect with nature's healing

Mindfulness and nature are two sides of the same coin.


Our breath and body work is focused on finding your center, and allowing nature to anchor and re-charge you to live your best life. 

Find people who share the same commitments and pursuits as you. 

You'll make each other stronger, and re-emerge with a renewed sense of commitment and confidence to your inner self.

Join our mindful Hiking Group in Maryland to renew, rediscover, and reconnect.

This Forest Walk group is a good fit for you if

You are currently or were recently in individual therapy and are aware that you've picked up some unwanted patterns of thinking from your parents. You are realizing that adulthood or parenthood comes with challenges - dating & relationships, levels of consumption, your relationship with money, your self-esteem and socializing, body image, your relationship with food.


All these areas of your life are things you are beginning to explore, notice what you've learned from your parents and what is and is not working for you. You've likely begun the path of shifting some things and making new decisions for yourself that are different then how you were brought up, yet you still find yourself at times running into old ways of doing things.


You also are realizing with added self-awareness that you don't have many authentic, close connections, particularly in Baltimore, and with the added challenge of the pandemic, you are finding it difficult to find ways of creating new connections with people who also want to be healthy and intentional with the way they are living. 

Yes! The nature therapy hikes with Nathalie are a great mental health tool and resource. It is nice that the hikes are split into different mindfulness "activities" throughout. It is also great that the hikes are in different locations.
These hikes re-aquainted me with the mindful part of myself I had been missing for years. I commuted an hour to make it each hike and it was worth it every time.
I would absolutely recommend any hiking or outdoor group with Nathalie - she is grounded, realistic, relatable and passionate about the work that she is doing. I found that the space that she was able to hold for myself and my fellow group members as invaluable. I will definitely be joining her groups in the future!!

"Worth it every time"

Image by Mink Mingle

Find people who share the same inner world as you

Join a mindfulness nature group to help you find connection and stillness in the midst of non-stop commotion.

y Forest Walks are:

  • Every other week for 3 months

  • In Baltimore County, easily accessible by 695 

  • $80 a session OR $450 for all 6 ​

Important things to know 

1.) Welcoming - This group is meant to be a safe, non-judgemental space for anyone who identifies as a woman. 

2.) Mindfulness - It is not a group for people wanting an exercise group. The movement involved is loving movement, meant to be incorporated in mindfulness practices. We will walk/hike for anywhere from 30-45 minutes. If you have any sort of physical or health concerns, please let the facilitator know prior to registering. We try to accomodate everyone's physical needs and take into account any issues when planning the group experience. 

3.) Weather - as long as it's not raining so hard that we can't hear each other, the facilitator will send an email out a few days prior to the planned group time, giving an update about weather and location, any planning that needs to happen accordingly. Groups may be cancelled day of, in this case, and a rain date will be planned. 

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Or schedule a free 15 minute phone consultation with Nathalie to make sure it's a good fit! 
Click here to schedule

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