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Take time for yourself

Mindfulness counseling helps you set better boundaries, be more present, & align your behaviors to reflect your true inner values. 

Chat with a mindful therapist.

Level up through Mindfulness Counseling

I see the therapy experience as a tool. My hope and intention is that you can use our time together to get the support, attention, and care you deserve.  

The ways in which you might find yourself dis-empowered can be brought to therapy to explore. With awareness, we can help you not let your issues and challenges impact you in ways that feel out of your control. I believe mindful therapy is a co-collaborative process.

In mindfulness counseling we will work together to uncover the roots of these issues and explore solutions and tools that work for you.  

If you are ready to begin asking questions about who you are, why you act the way you act, where you come from and how that has affected you, and bring some hope into your present and future, mindful therapy is the right path for you.

Nathalie Savell 

Licensed Therapist &

Certified Health Coach

Sandy Beach

Mindfulness counseling from a Mindful Therapist can help you to:

Be a healthy and positively impactful leader 

Leadership challenges can bring up internal struggles. Your intention and "come-from" place matters and impacts a lot of people. If you can do this in a healthy, mindful way with awareness, these efforts will trickle down and make a huge difference. 

Be more confident about your decision making

Understand yourself better to understand how and why you make decisions in your life. Often outside pressures, forces, and old stories can have more of an impact than we realize. By sorting through various influences on the ways we think about things, we can get more clear and confident in making decisions. 

Re-write unhealthy patterns holding you back

Investigate and uncover unhealthy patterns of thinking and behavior that likely come from childhood. As an adult or emerging one, with increased awareness, you can decide which behaviors are serving you and which may not be. This awareness brings empowerment. 

Live more in alignment with your values

Learn to prioritize what is important to you, and with this knowledge, you can make decisions in your life that are aligned with your values. This creates greater fulfillment and also less stress because you are not in conflict with your inner self. 

Why work with me as a mindful therapist?

I've been working in the wellness and personal growth field as a holistic health coach and a mindful therapist for over 10 years. 

Working together will give you a chance to shift your perspective on your challenges, feel more authentic in your relationships, and encourage you to see the strengths and resources that you already have available to you. 

Being in therapy with a mindful approach can help you sort through confusion, disconnection, self-doubt so that you can be the best version of yourself in more important moments of your life. 

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How Mindfulness Counseling Therapy works

After a free 15-minute phone consultation, once we've discovered we're a good fit to work together: 

  • You'll get access to our client portal for intake paperwork that you can fill out and sign electronically, including a payment form.

  • You'll get access to the scheduling calendar to schedule your first few sessions. 

    • I prefer to start with 3-4 weekly sessions to get a solid foundation, and then we can re-evaluate what's best moving forward​.

  • We'll meet via video chat which you will also be accessible through video chat in the client portal. 

  •  You'll be charged the day of the session with the payment information you filled out in the intake paperwork. 

Billing & Insurance ​for Therapy 

Sessions are $180/55 minutes for individuals, $220 for couples.

We currently do NOT take insurance.  

However, we do provide Out-of-Network super bill statements that you can submit for reimbursement. 

Image by Radu Florin

Discover what's possible when you prioritize you.

A good question to ask yourself is:

What's the cost of not investing in you? 

If you are interested in working together for therapy, please find a time on my calendar for a free 15-minute phone consultation to see if we're a good fit with me!

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