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Confusion, overwhelm, and disconnection getting you down as a Stepmom? 

I know how you feel! You CAN navigate this role with clarity, confidence, connection, and grace -- and I can help you do that! 

Ready to get the support you deserve?

Get in touch and I will respond shortly! 

Thanks for for your message!

When you work with me, you will get:

- A Plan to Navigate the Big Picture Questions you are asking yourself

- Individualized troubleshooting for day-to-day family issues that arise.

- Validation you've been looking for, to feel in control and sane again.

- Understanding of your feelings, and empathy to realize they are normal.

- Education & Support about relationship challenges in blended families.

- Overcome fear and live through the conviction and clarity of your true self.

- Guidance and companionship from someone who has lived it, studied it, and supported hundreds of women going through the same thing!

Stepmom Coaching is a good choice for you if: 

* You're tired of being misunderstood and feeling like no one in your life TRULY GETS what being in a Stepmom role is like

 * You are ready to get Unstuck from places/ mindsets that aren't supporting you in your blended family life.

* You can see that the stressors of navigating blended family life are impacting your mental health and/or your relationships and you're ready to feel like yourself again.

* You're open to feedback and self-reflection, and interested in seeing your challenges as growth opportunities.

* You're ready for clarity, connection, and prioritizing well-being. 

Now is the time to get the support you need! 

Image by Michael Heise


In addition to being a Licensed Therapist with a private practice, a bio-mom of 2 and a step-mom of 1, my personal challenges as a Step-mom have informed my passion for work related to personal growth for women.

Gottman Certified Therapist

As Seen On:

Having Nathalie as a Stepmom Coach gives me a place to turn when I need advice and things get hard.
Ladies who understand the struggle. Nathalie was a life/relationship saver.  


Stepmom to 10 yr old boy

 I can tell stepmom's who haven't had this experience that it's so worth it! Nathalie is the person who put me on the path I've been following the past couple years. She taught me that a lot of the expectations I thought were on me, I was putting on myself.
There's a lot of love and support - but also some straight-talk, no BS reminders that more often than not, we alone are responsible for the state of our lives!


Stepmom to ages 8 & 11

Each week, we focused on different aspects of myself and how to bring back boundaries and personal needs... things I hadn't even considered since I joined my blended family.
Who was I before? What mattered to me? It is OK to retain those things while loving this new situation. So much of what was said made me appreciate my blended family (including my partner's ex) and gave me the tools to negotiate myself within my current situation. I'd do any of it again!


Stepmom to ages 12 & 13

Blended families can be messy.

Get the stepmom help you need to get clear about how to balance all the *sometimes conflicting* needs of a blended family life so that you and your partner can experience more grace, connection, understanding, and harmony in the household.

Step-momming is HARD ya'll! I know personally.

That is me and my blended family on the right.

My own challenges led me to get support, and then to get trained as a Step-family Coach. 

Research shows that close to 70% of second marriages fail, and that it can take 7 years for a blended family to gel. It often doesn't go the way we expect.

I talk to Stepmoms all the time who struggle with many different complexities:


  • Dealing with a challenging ex

  • Behavioral issues with the kids that seem impossible to solve because people aren't on the same page

  • Differences in parenting styles with partners 

  • Financial burdens

  • Custody issues and more


Regardless of the specifics, there are some aspects of the challenges that ring true for everyone. I have the personal and professional experience to support you through stepmom therapy and coaching. I also see step-couples together if you feel that would be helpful! 

Screen Shot 2022-12-17 at 11.37.42 AM.png
Mother with her Two Kids

My Proven StepMom Coaching Plan

* A personalized game plan to work on the challenges, common themes and patterns of your specific situation. Get individualized support to deal with YOUR specific emotions and challenges in your role. 

* The experience of being seen, heard, supported, in a non-judgmental space by someone who GETs it

* One session per week for at least 4 weeks to make progress.

Here are just some of the things I hear from Step-moms!

"I feel so bad that I don't look forward to the kids coming over" 

"I don't know how much to insert myself and how much to let go of" 

"My husband is constantly talking with his ex and it makes me feel crazy" 

"The ex causes constant drama and I hate seeing my husband go through what he has to go through" 

" The kids have no responsibility and it makes me feel crazy" 

Step-moms have a hard time feeling like people understand what they are going through.


Their mom friends don't quite get it, their single friends definitely don't get it, and there's a lot of outside pressure and expectations that they feel burdened by. 

This is why Stepmom Coaching can be so helpful!

Image by Alexander Dummer

If you need stepmom help,
we hear you loud and clear. 

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