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Autumn Anxieties are REAL!

The Ups and Downs of the Autumn Season

Autumn brings with it many changes - the start of the academic school year, decrease in temperatures, the dramatic change in color of tree foliage, and a decrease in sun light.

For many folks, it can come with some excitement as pumpkin flavors return, chilly temperatures can help people prepare for some coziness, and the structure of school can help people feel secure and stable.

However, it can also come with some anxieties. Anxieties about whatever challenges the school year brings, a feeling of dread as the temperatures and amount of sunlight decreases and unease about the rut that might come with the increased structure. Seasonal Affective Disorder impacts about 15% of the population. Studies show that one of the best ways to combat this seasonal depression/anxiety is to get outside. Mindfulness practices are also shown to be particularly helpful when it comes to any form of depression and anxiety. And often, the activities that are best for us when we are experiencing depression or anxiety are the LAST things that we actually FEEL like doing. It helps tremendously to have pre-planned systems and schedules in place to ensure that regardless of how you are feeling in the moment, you will be getting up and doing the things that help you.

Prioritizing what's good for us can be so challenging when we've got a busy work schedule, maybe kids to take care of and their busy life schedules, and all the household stuff that needs to happen. Sometimes it feels like putting something that's "just" for our own well-being is not necessary and so it doesn't make it into our lives!

But I know that if you are someone who is reading this, there's a good chance that you KNOW how important your well-being is, and you know how important it is to prioritize things that help you feel good, filled up, rejuvenated, grounded, and connected.

So this fall, do something kind for yourself and find that class, workshop, or series that has been speaking to you. Pull the plug, take the action, schedule it in, or sign up! You'll be glad you did!

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