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Mindfulness & Nature Sessions For Mental Health - Autumn

Whether you tend towards S.A.D., Depression, burn out, anxiety, stress, are experiencing grief, or ADHD symptoms, Mother Nature’s got your back. Here are some ways to cultivate your relationship with Her.


Pick one tree that you pass everyday. As often as you can, start to pay attention to it. Watch how weather changes the way it moves. This tree is here to teach you mindfulness. Using your senses can bring you into the present moment and out of the anxious future thinking or depressive past thinking that our minds tend to do. Maybe you even start to collect its leaves in different phases. You can start with noticing it with your eyes - there’s a lot to notice. Use your other senses with it as well if that feels comfortable for you - your sense of smell, your sense of touch, your sense of hearing. Maybe the tree has messages for you if you listen carefully enough. Notice what it offers, how it changes. Paying attention to something is the best way to cultivate a relationship with it. Let this tree become your friend, a source of comfort and connection. Let that connection slow you down, deepen your own connection with your inner self, and maybe a higher force, as well. See how it lets go of its leaves and notice how that reflects your internal experience as you take time with it each day. Notice what there is to let go of, and all the emotions that might come up with that - maybe grief, maybe relief, maybe resistance, maybe acceptance. Whatever it is, see if you can bring some of the non-judgmental perspective you take with the tree, with yourself.

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