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How to get comfortable charging higher numbers

Updated: Feb 4, 2023

If you don’t invest in yourself, how can you be ready for and expect others to invest in themselves?

Normalize investing in yourself. It starts with you. If you get comfortable and expect yourself to invest in yourself, you’ll have the same expectation about others.

Get comfortable with bigger numbers. A major way to help shift a mindset about charging private pay, is to pay that yourself, and see how it feels. Not only see how it feels, but see that you can do it, that you can make it work, and the benefits that come from that.

Part of resourcing yourself in today’s world is investing in yourself. Maybe you do it in small ways - maybe you get that fancy coffee, or maybe you get your nails done, or spend money on your hair, or maybe you go out to eat as often as you like. Maybe you redecorate your house every now and then just for fun. Maybe you buy your kids entire new wardrobes each season.

I want to encourage you to consider where your money goes. If you’re money goes to lot’s of other places EXCEPT for investing in your self-care and personal growth, I’d invite you to take a look at that. You are a therapist, you believe in mental health and well-being. Hopefully you believe that it should be a priority, yet you hesitate to invest in it for yourself. And then you have trouble thinking of charging people for your services. Do you see how this all works? It’s time to rearrange your thinking about money and investing in yourself as a foundational resourcing that is SO important for you to do good work.

A resourced therapist, who invests in themselves, charges private pay whatever they want, and offers services from a resourced, self-aware place because they themselves are doing the work to stay on top of their shit, is such a powerful place to work from and way to live!

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