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Empowering Resources: Insights from an Entrepreneurial, Homeschooling Therapist Stepmom and Biomom

Updated: May 2

As a mom, stepmom, therapist, entrepreneur, homeschooler, you know I'm always digging into stuff to keep me going! Here is a few of the things that are inspiring me recently (besides this HEAVENLY weather!):




This book was recommended by Gabor Mate in a training I did with him. I recently started it but it's capturing my attention in a big way! On the back: "It offers a simple, practical approach to accomplishing and maintaining personal peace in the midst of accelerating change, discomfort, conflict, and chaos."




Online somatic program: -Gets to the root of where stress/trauma inhabit the body. Many of the physical symptoms we experience are rooted in the negative physiological impacts of constantly high cortisol levels. Practices taught by people such as "The Workout Witch" are meant to address this from the body perspective.


Podcast: "A Little Bit Culty" podcast. While you may think cult information is irrelevant to you, this is fascinating and very culturally relevant stuff to listen to! There are many awesome psych experts featured on the podcast - Narcissism is a very real and widespread issue that many people are impacted by and I believe educating yourself is not only interesting but also super important!


Local workshops:

I love the work my fellow Nature -informed therapist Marie Burgess is doing for kids & Grief! She has a compelling personal story and purpose behind her work. Flyer below.






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