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Stress Relief for Burnt Out Moms

A mindfulness and self-compassion based Nature Therapy Group for Moms navigating Modern Motherhood

April 13th-May 18th Thursdays 11am-12:30pm

$80/session (sliding scale option is available) 


Self-Compassion for Stress Resilience

How much energy and time do you spend beating yourself up about things you feel like you're doing wrong as a mom? 

Our culture doesn't support the healing we all - particularly caregivers- have needed after the intensity of the pandemic, the excess information about what the "right" ways to parent are, and a societal upheaval. 

This group is for you to to get the SPACE, SUPPORT, CONNECTION, TOOLS, and PRACTICES to help you to KNOW at a deep level that YOU ARE ENOUGH. 

In this Nature Therapy Group for Moms, you will:  

Be guided through self-compassion exercises so you can embody this experience at a visceral level. 

Connect with other moms, who are also navigating a very complex world of modern parenting, and realize you are not the only one having these challenges and feeling like you are never good enough. 


Notice what needs or experiences you may have been neglecting that are an essential part of your well-being.

Be held accountable in a compassionate way to practice resourcing yourself.

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The best thing you can do for your brain is take a walk in the woods with a friend and discuss your problems.

Dr. Sanjay Gupta

Experience the power of Group Therapy using Mindfulness & Nature Components

With Nature, the support of Nathalie, LCPC, Birth Mother of 2 kids ages 8 and 3, and Stepmother to a 13 year old, certified yoga teacher, certified Stepfamily coach and certified Nature Therapist as well as moms, a little human guidance, and your own willing and open mind, this 6 weeks is sure to be a nourishing and transformative experience!

My hope and intention is that this group gives you a new level of input that creates an on-going internal shift for you!

Stress Relief for Burnt Out Moms is an experience you will savor and cherish!

Important notes on this Therapy Group

1.) Welcoming - This group is meant to be a safe, non-judgemental space for anyone who identifies as a Mother.

2.) Mindfulness - It is not a group for people wanting an exercise group. The movement involved is intended to be a practice of loving movement- movement where our bodies are respected first and foremost. We only go as fast as the slowest person, and the walking takes up about half of the entire session experience.  We will walk/hike for anywhere from 30-45 minutes for 4 of the 6 sessions. If you have any sort of physical or health concerns, please let the facilitator know prior to registering. We try to accommodate everyone's physical needs and take into account any issues when planning the group experience. 

3.) Weather - as long as it's not raining so hard that we can't hear each other, the facilitator will send an email out a few days prior to the planned group time, giving an update about weather and location, any planning that needs to happen accordingly, and if there is a forecast of poor weather when the participants will be notified. We'll discuss appropriate weather gear, and I never want people to be painfully uncomfortable! Again with respect to everyone's needs while also seeing physical discomfort as a potential growth opportunity and resilience builder. 

4.) Authenticity - This is a space for moms to BE THEMSELVES. Sometimes it can be hard not to put on the appearance of "having it all together".  The purpose of the group is to be a safe, supportive space for moms to connect with one another in an authentic way that provides real connection and support.  This may be a stretch for some of you, and if so we'll support you through that. If there's any hesitation be sure to discuss on your free consultation with Nathalie. 

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"When suffering constricts the heart, awe stretches it back out, making us more compassionate, more loving, more present."


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