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What about Nature? How is your relationship with the Earth?

The human race started in earth-based communities. The origins of our DNA lived in accordance with the earths rhythms, systems, seasons, and life cycles. Our biology is still in sync with the earths rhythms in certain ways, whether we are tuned into that or not. So much of our life experience and external worlds function away from Nature these days though. We've lost that connection. Some say we are all suffering from an attachment wound - the wound of being disconnected from the Original Mother - Earth.

I know that personally, each time I step into the woods, no matter the weather, I can feel my whole body have a sigh of relief. Relief from constant noise and busy-ness. Relief from electronic stimulation. And a feeling of immediate nourishment!

And I witness myself and my participants over and over experience the same sense of renewal after an intentional time of connection with themselves, each other, their senses tuning into the natural world, and their bodies grounding into the energy from below.

So I have two different women's groups starting in September - one is for therapists only so they have a safe space to not run into clients (no offense, clients! we like to have spaces to "let our hair down" - take off the professional hat we wear and be messy humans as we all are :) ) and the second is for non-therapists wanting to connect with other women and practice tools using nature and mindfulness for stress reduction.

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