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Professional & Personal Intertwining that is being a Therapist

I noticed something after making this flyer....

I noticed that my education, personal growth and professional trajectory are very interconnected and tend to start with a question I'm determined to get an answer to... Q: Why are humans the way we are? --> BA in Sociology, minor in Global Studies Q: Why do I feel like shit so often & can't seen to stop eating?

--> Holistic Health Coach Certification Q: What are the deeper, underlying root causes for mine and others suffering and how do we work with the mind and emotions to feel better? --> MS in Pastoral Counseling Q: WHAT ABOUT THE BODY? -->Certification in Yoga Teaching Q: Why is being in a Step-mom role so f'ing hard? -->Certification as a Stepfamily Coach Q: Why can't I get anyone to pay me for my knowledge? --> Thousands of dollars & several years invested in business coaching and learning about service industry biz building strategies. Should-have gotten a certification in something for that! Q: What gets humans through unprecedented grief and stress? --> Nature Therapy Certification

I don't know if I get the actual answer (who knows the Truth?) but I definitely get a lot of helpful info! What's next?

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