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How do you Treat Time? How do you treat Money?

Someone once asked me What if you treated a person you were in a relationship with the way you treat Money? I've also brought that to the entity of Time as well. How would they respond?

What goes through your mind about these entities? Common ways people think about both of these include: "I never have enough", "I don't think about it", "It's always running out", "We don't agree", "Only _____ people get along with [time/money]" OR "I can ignore it and it will be there", "I just do whatever I want with it" . If a person were treated with these thoughts running through your mind, how do you think they would respond? Would they work with you, or feel you were against them and maybe be a little more challenging to work with?

If you were in relationship with a person and you thought they were never enough, or you avoided giving them any attention, or you took their positive aspects for granted and took advantage of their gifts when they showed up for you- How would they respond?

How about if you flip that, and you gave it attention, and were grateful, and were thoughtful and conscientious - maybe it would work with you.

Just some food for thought... ;)

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