It's Time To Resource Yourself

This is your chance to start prioritizing your own well-being !

I work with female creative leaders and other therapists - mostly hard-working women who are finding themselves stuck in the same patterns and seeing that they want to make changes. It can be SO helpful to partner with a professional to look at emotional, relational, and mental pitfalls that leave you feeling disempowered and out of alignment. While it can be challenging to find a therapist you trust to support you to work through the stuff that might be uncomfortable for you to admit and to share, it IS worth the effort. I am a non-judgemental listener, who is here to walk alongside you as we support you to find your own resources and truth. I have 12 years of experience supporting all kinds of populations and that, along with my own life experience, helps me help you see what isn't working and why, what skills or resources you already have and what new tools or insights you could use that can support you to move through challenges with as much grace and empowerment as possible.


It's time to prioritize yourself and your wellness, and coming to therapy is a great way to start that process! 

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I bring my 12 years of experience supporting clients, my background in Psychodynamic Therapy, my experience as a Mindset Coach for Entrepreneurs, and my trainings as a Yoga Teacher, Holistic Health Coach and Step-family Coach to my work with you to get to a more authentic, grounded, connected, and empowered place with yourself and whatever you are struggling with. 

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I'm Nathalie Savell, LCPC ready to support you to access your inner wisdom and resources so that you can live more authentically! 

I am also passionate about tying in personal growth work with the systemic injustices that exist in our society - so much of our wellness (or the lack thereof) is actually because of the cultural and societal paradigms that are so harmful.


My approach involves connecting the way we empower ourselves on a personal level to the bigger picture in fighting sexism, racism, classism, as well as the ways we're triggered and traumatized. 

I see clients via telehealth, phone and walk-and-talk sessions only and do not accept insurance. Sessions are $180/55 minutes.

"We are not going in circles, we are going upwards. The path is a spiral; we have already climbed many steps.”

 - Hermann HesseSiddhartha

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