I'm Nathalie Savell, LCPC ready to support you to access your inner wisdom and resources so that you can feel better! 

I believe in authenticity & compassionate honesty and I feel passionate about supporting people to see things they haven't previously seen about themselves and their patterns. I am also passionate about tying in personal growth work with the systemic injustices that exist in our society - so much of our wellness (or the lack thereof) is actually because of the cultural and societal paradigms that are so harmful.


I am passionate about connecting the way we empower ourselves on a personal level to the bigger picture in fighting sexism, racism, classism, as well as the ways we're triggered and traumatized. 

I see clients via telehealth and walk-and-talk sessions only and do not accept insurance. 

It's Time To Resource Yourself

 Are you ready to prioritize your mental and emotional health? Are you a resourceful, creative, hard-working woman who is tired of struggling with falling into the same mental pitfalls? It can be so powerful to join forces with a trained professional and explore the relationships you have with yourself, others, food, money, or sex and discover what works and doesn't in those areas. I bring my background in Psychodynamic Therapy, my experience as a Mindset Coach for Entrepreneurs, my trainings as a Yoga Teacher, Holistic Health Coach and Step-family Coach to my work with you to get to a more authentic, grounded, connected, and empowered place with yourself and whatever you are struggling with. 

My specialties include: Therapists, Emotional Eating, Blended Family Stressors,  Entrepreneurs & Creative Leaders

"We are not going in circles, we are going upwards. The path is a spiral; we have already climbed many steps.”

 - Hermann HesseSiddhartha

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