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It's time to resource yourself

This is your chance to start prioritizing your own well-being! 

I work with leaders, parents, healers and other therapists who find themselves stuck in the same patterns, unable to make the change they want on their own. 

Image by Lucas Ludwig

Mindful Therapy

Learn how mindful therapy can help you slow down, reconnect with true self, and orient your actions to be in alignment with your values.

We're here to give you the tools and guidance to make decisions that feel congruent with who you are and what you want to see in the world.

Here's how Upward Spiral can help


Individual Mindful Therapy

Maryland only
In-person or Online

Get a safe, supportive space to process your deep internal struggles. Develop the mental tools to navigate your relationships with others and most importantly, yourself. 


Nature Therapy Groups

Maryland only

Join a safe, non-judgmental space to connect with like-minded, like-hearted people.

We offer groups for both therapistswomen specifically,. and now one for moms.


All US
All Online

Set inspiring goals, craft a step-by-step action plan, and be held accountable to make meaningful progress every week.

We offer coaching for Women, Therapists & Stepmoms


We help you advocate for yourself 

Mindful therapy & nature groups to help you find joy and stillness in the midst of non-stop commotion 

It's incredibly hard to be an amazing leader at work,

a super-star parent at home, and a supportive partner, daughter, sister, and friend. 

Where do you fit in all this? 

It can be SO helpful to partner with a professional to look at emotional, relational, and mental pitfalls that leave you feeling disempowered and out of alignment.


While it can be challenging to find a therapist you trust to support you to work through the stuff that might be uncomfortable for you to admit and to share,

it IS worth the effort.

Get support & support others

Our therapy hiking groups are an amazing way to create deep connection with like-minded, like-hearted people. 

Join a mindfulness nature group to help you find connection and stillness in the midst of non-stop commotion. 

Curious about Nature Therapy and how it works? 

mindful therapist 3

"The Stepmom support group gave me skills to build a relationship with my stepson. It gives me a place to turn when i need advice and things get hard. Ladies who understand the struggle. Nathalie was a life/relationship saver. I couldn't be happier that i joined her group!"


Stepmom to 10 yr old boy

mindful therapist 4

"These hikes re-acquainted me with the mindful part of myself I had been missing for years.


I commuted an hour to make it each hike and it was worth it every time."


Therapist in MD

"We are not going in circles, we are going upwards. The path is a spiral; we have already climbed many steps.”

Herman Hesse

mindful therapist 2

Upward Spiral


mindful therapist

Discover what's possible when you prioritize you.

A good question to ask yourself is:
What's the cost of not investing in you? 

If you are interested in working together, please find a time on my calendar for a free 15-minute phone consultation to see if we're a good fit!

Get new perspective with Mindful Therapy & Coaching.

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