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Therapy vs. Coaching


  • Exploratory

  • Suggestions offered 

  • Emotion-focused 

  • Process-oriented

  • Involves mental illness (diagnosable) 

  • Set up: one hour/$ amount 

  • Clients often come when they want, for an undetermined length of time 

  • Professional boundaries, ethics, and codes must always be followed which is super important for the relationship 


  • Action-oriented

  • Directive

  • Feedback

  • Support in between sessions

  • Results-oriented

  • NOT for people with diagnosable mental illness 

  • Set up: Program format, length of time/cost 

  • For generally healthy folks who want to excel in an area and/or resolve something that's not working 

  • Much more flexibility with how you provide services, ability to talk about yourself and your experiences, and throwing in VIP days that involve other activities if you so chose

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