THERAPISTS!  You deserve support. 

I work with other therapists who want to feel more empowered in their businesses and their lives. Too often we're taught to bend over backwards to help our clients regardless of whether it's working for us or not. My goal in working with therapists is to help them see things they are not able to see for themselves - patterns in their lives - which not only helps you feel better in your personal life but helps you perform better as a therapist because that way your not projecting your shit onto your clients in your work.

When we're not on top of our shit, it spills out onto our clients and impacts their growth. 

I believe it is our responsibility as therapists to be doing our own work.

Because of my coaching background, I tend to have a compassionately direct and action-oriented approach. As therapists, I feel like we need people to be direct with us and not beat around the bush or give us agreement so that we can do the same for our clients and impact actual change in their lives. 

I do both therapy work as well as business consultation because I am super passionate about financial freedom and holistic business practices for entrepreneurial therapists! 


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