A 60-Day THERAPIST TO COACHING LAUNCHPAD Program to Help You Set Things Up For 2019!




The Therapist to Coaching Launchpad program is your invitation to join me on a career – transforming journey as I help you get clarity and design a clear strategy to expand your business in 2019.


My Promise


Together, you and I will work 1:1 to set you up for:

greater abundance in your business;

total clarity on your goals & vision;

simplicity in your life that you’ve never imagined possible; and

designing a clear roadmap and strategy for achieving your BIG goals.


This is where we leave burnout, overwhelm, uncertainty, and the stress behind and where you get to set up your business in a way that works for your clients and yourself.


Your investment to join the 60-day Therapist to Coaching Launchpad program is $1.5k, 2 payments of $750, or 3 payments of $500.


You will see how it easy it is to get your first coaching client, and when you do, you’ll realize what is possible for your lifestyle and your income!!!!

I wouldn’t have believed it to be true before I got started but now I see when I make things as simple as possible and take the steps I know to take the clients come in SO MUCH more easily than I would ever have imagined!


I see therapists who are burnt out all the time, or just ready to uplevel their ideas about themselves and their business and I am SO EXCITED To pass on this information in a simplified version that can help you realize that you CAN use your skills, feel TOTALLY FULFILLED AND ENERGIZED, working less and making more!!!


The exciting Therapist to Coaching Launchpad Program details:


1.A 60-day 1:1 Transformational Coaching Experience


Join me 1:1 as we work together intensely over a 60-day period to help you get some serious breakthroughs and results in your business.


2. 8 x 50-minute 1:1 Coaching Sessions (weekly sessions!)


Over 8 sessions we’ll get you super clear on who you would get the best results working with, what your offer would look like, how you want to package your program(s), and how and where to find your first client. You’ll also learn the important pieces of the differences between coaching and therapy so that you can effectively sell and find the clients that are a good fit for you!


3. Exclusive 1:1 email access to me during office hours


You’ll have exclusive access to me as a 1:1 client during office hours with my support every step of the way during your program.


4. Your very own accountability partner


Together, we’re going to help you get the clarity and design the strategy that you need to accelerate your success in 2019. I’ll be with you every step of the way.


5. BONUS ONE: Access to a group of other therapists who are also working to become coaches so you can brainstorm and offer each other feedback and referrals!


6. BONUS TWO: Templates, recordings, exercises that I use and have found helpful in my coaching practice




You’re about to see what’s possible for your life and your business in the next 60 days!


The Therapist to Coaching Launchpad Program is an exclusive, intimate and hands-on experience for those who are looking to take their business to a completely different level in the next 2 months.


And it’s for that reason that the Coaching to Therapist Launchpad Program is by Application Only.


I will only accept those people who I personally know will dramatically benefit and are ready to take this on in a big way. If I don’t believe the Therapist to Coaching Launchpad Program will help you, I won’t let you work with me. Plain and simple.


To apply now, simply answer the following questions attached to this link and submit your meeting request to me before Friday, December 7th at 11:59pm EST (note: no late applications will be considered).




In Support, 


The program will include the following modules: 

Module 1: Differentiating between Therapy and Coaching

1. Setting up a bank account, online payment system, & biz name
2. Creating a clear coaching contract
3. Understanding for yourself suuuper clearly the difference between the two services - who is a good fit for which? 
4. Adding the option to your website/creating a new
website, whichever you are more comfortable with.
5. Getting comfortable with the idea of working for a wealthier population (i.e. letting go of the "social workers" mentality. 
6. Make space for a coaching client in your life.

Module 2: Niche Clarity
1. Painting a picture of your ideal client
2. Market research- reach out to 5 people who have the same problem or characteristics of your ideal client. Figure out what you are going to call yourself and who you can reach out to to let them know this is a new
service you are offering.
3. What problems are you helping them solve ? What are the pain points and desires?


Module 3: Your Offer
1. How long is your first program offering? What services are involved? What bonuses will you add in?
2. Pricing your program- start with one fixed thing
3. Make space for a coaching client if you haven't already.

Module 4: Marketing & Lead Generation
1. What is your preferred marketing platform?
2. Who in your network can you tell what you are doing that can send you referrals? (Warm letter)
3. What are you up for as far as marketing goes? What feels good and do-able? Lets come up with a plan of what makes sense to keep doing consistently
4. What 4 pain points and desires can you focus on in your marketing?
5. More on sales

Module 5: #1 Lead Generation Strategy Break-down
1. Helpful format & topic for live workshops 
2. Location
3. Promotion
4. Regularity- how often will you do it? Come up
with set schedule.

Module 6: Money Mindset
1. Clearing the "social work" mentality
2. What's your ideal income? Work backwards! What
happens when you think of that number?
3. Planning to phase out of therapy? Come up with
plan together of what that will look like.

Module 7: tie up any loose ends & get deeper into

marketing techniques that are of interest and how to
sell your program to people

Module 8: wrap up- make sure there's a plan and
format for each step moving forward. Give timeline for
phaseming out. How many clients at each price point?

After all the coaching courses, business courses and marketing courses I’ve taken as I’ve built my coaching practice in the last few years, I know what’s important and what’s not. I know how to simplify the systems and all the information out there, parcel it down to make it super accessible and do-able for you.