Step-momming is HARD ya'll! I talk to Step-moms all the time who struggle with all kinds of complexities. From dealing with a challenging ex, to behavioral issues with the kids that seem impossible to solve because people aren't on the same page, to differences in parenting styles with their partners, to financial burdens, custody issues, and more - regardless of what the specifics are, the complexities are similar. 

Things I hear from Step-moms: 

"I feel so bad that I don't look forward to the kids coming over" 

"I don't know how much to insert myself and how much to let go of" 

"My husband is constantly talking with his ex and it makes me feel crazy" 

"The ex causes constant drama and I hate seeing my husband go through what he has to go through" 

" The kids have no responsibility and it makes me feel crazy" 

Are just a few of the things I hear. 

Step-moms have a hard time feeling like other people understand what they are going through. They're mom friends don't quite get it, their single friends definitely don't get it, and there's a lot of outside pressure and expectations that they feel burdened by. 

Here's a place that they can come to get connected to other Step-moms with similar challenges. You would be surprised how often I hear similar stories of how Step-moms are feeling. 

Turns out you're not crazy and you're not alone in your experience. 


If you're a Step-mom, struggling with some of these challenges or others, and are confused about why you are having such a hard time, here are some ways you can get connected and educate yourself about your role! The more you know, the more empowered you can become.

The Step-mom Strong Podcast: 

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