Couples in Nature Sessions

Walking in nature can be one of the best, most relaxing ways for couples to communicate about difficult topics. 

Often in the hustle and bustle of life, we might know that we need to, or even try to communicate with our significant other about the issues we are having trouble with in the relationship, but it never seems to go anywhere, or maybe you both just end up angry. 

The thing is, if we communicate from a place of anger, or heightened emotions of any kind, often it can bring up the defensiveness/guard of the other person. 

In the Gottman method of couples therapy, both participants in a session have a heart monitoring finger device on their fingers and anytime their heartrate starts to spike they take a moment to pause and self-soothe before continuing on with the conversation. 

While we won't have the pulse measurer, we will be using the same concept. I will facilitate a conversation within certain parameters, and we will use the natural world around us as well as some simple quick mindfulness tools to make sure that each person is grounded and centered throughout the difficult conversation. 

If you are interested in signing up for this unique opportunity for you and your significant other, please find a time on my calendar to speak with me about your situation and we'll schedule a time for a 1.5 hour Nature experience.