Nature & Mindfulness comes to YOU! 
How to Use  the combo of Mindfulness & Nature to Reduce Stress; A Virtual Workshop

Wednesday May 11th 12pm-1:30pm

In this 90-minute experiential workshop, during which time I ask that you have a window view or a plant or pet within eye site, you will have the opportunity to experience the benefits of connecting to nature, practice mindfulness, see how it can support you to better manage stress and anxiety, and learn about how and why these things are beneficial. 

Do you do a lot of overthinking, overanalyzing, and feel like sitting still is impossible? You know you need a break because you can feel the impact of constant stress on your body, mind, and decision-making. 

Or maybe you have a therapist or doctor telling you, "you need to slow down and listen to your body", and "have you ever tried meditation?" And you're thinking, "how the heck am I supposed to do that?" 

Or maybe you find yourself scouring the internet, reading every self-help for stress article you can find and in your head it seems like all these ideas are great and you could really benefit. Only when? And how

Maybe there's been a time that felt slower. Or maybe there actually hasn't. Maybe you've always been on "go" mode and you are just now starting to realize that it's not working

If any of the above applies to you, this workshop may be just the ticket.

I have studied, practiced, and taught meditation and mindfulness techniques for years and I attribute that as the foundation for any personal changes I've made both mental and physical. I think that these practices not only release helpful chemicals in the brain but also bring an ability and level of empowerment that allows more intention. 

Instead of you just letting life toss you around like a ping pong ball in an arcade game (what is that game called?), mindfulness slows down the process of reacting vs. responding. It can help you have a pause so you choose your words more carefully when you're frustrated, notice if that 3rd helping of food is actually what your body needs, interrupt the flow of clicks for the latest amazon purchases, pause before you commit to putting the next thing on your calendar. Intention. 

Like anything, it is a practice. And training the muscle of mindfulness is like training any muscle. The more you do it, the stronger it gets. 

Let this virtual workshop be your intro. 

In a world moving so quickly both externally and internally, Nature shows us a different way. 

In this workshop I'll be bringing you some intro practices into the world of mindfulness using nature. You may have forgotten about our friend Nature, but she's still with us! Offering sights, sounds, textures, smells aplenty - gifts to help us training our mindfulness muscles in a way that feels so supportive. 

Come get a dose of this fabulous all-natural cocktail taht is mindfulness and nature-based stress reduction! No hangover or lingering foggy-head, I promise! 

You can do it from your home computer, I just ask that you have a plant, or window nearby. We'll be doing some practices and also learning about some of the why's behind the benefits of even having a picture of a nature scene on your wall. 

You can do it! It's here, it's accessible. I'm only charging $22 because I want to make it an absolute n0-brainer but if ya'll don't see the value and sign up, I'm going to have to start charging more! 



Mindfulness - we've all heard the word somewhere. Are you curious about what it can do for you? Have you been wanting to try it out, learn more about it or deepen your practice? 

I love teaching about mindfulness because I think it can be used to empower people to function from a place of health instead of from a place of woundedness and impulse in decision-making as well as relating to others. It gives you more choice in your life that you may not even realize you have. In addition, it doesn't have to be a complex, unattainable practice. There are ways we can use it to our benefit that are very simple and within reach, and I'd love to show you that! 

Nature as well, is something that a lot of us have gotten away from. In this workshop I hope to show you that even the smallest, most simple ways to connect with Nature can be beneficial, both by experiencing it yourself, as well as by learning some of the research behind the healing properties that nature provides. 

Give yourself the opportunity to try something new! My intention is that you leave with some new tools in your tool belt, inspired to try some different practices or nurture the ones you already have, in support of your well-being.