6-Week Nature Reset  Support Group for Therapists

On-going support for Self-care and Empowerment


This is your chance to put some time and energy into yourself. 

Through movement, connection with others in the field, using nature to support and heal, and guided prompts and leadership by experienced clinician, yoga teacher and Coach Nathalie Savell along with her trusty co-facilitator Kate Gerwin, this 6 weeks is sure to have you start the winter with a re-balanced nervous system and mentality. 

Are you  giving yourself time and space to practice what you preach? 

Now's your chance. 

What are the areas you feel disempowered in your life despite what you tell your clients? 

How often are you giving yourself the time and space for reflection and checking-in with yourself? 

These are the types of questions we are bringing to the table for this 6-week support group by and for Therapists! 

We are SO good at giving other people feedback, support, encouragement, inspiration, insight, etc. but how often do we turn the tables on ourselves? 

You will:

* Be guided to access YOUR inner wisdom so that you can get a dose of your own medicine.

* Connect with other therapists who may also be feeling alone, have and are still dealing with the challenges that the pandemic has brought and understand what it's like to be in the analytical brain of a therapist also having a human experience.

* Notice what needs or experiences you may have been neglecting that are an essential part of your well-being.

* Be held accountable in a compassionate way to practice resourcing yourself.

* Nurture a relationship with nature that has so many health benefits. Humans all started in nature-based communities. Come discover what you may be missing without even realizing it!

* Feel encouraged and supported!





Using nature, the support of other wise therapists, a little human guidance, and your own willing and open mind, this 6 weeks is sure to be a nourishing and transformative experience!

My hope and intention is that this is used as a sort of training ground. That you will see the power in dedicating yourself for 1.5 hours a week to your own personal growth and well-being and participating in on-going community conversation about your self-care. I know from experience that it is POWERFUL! 

The group will be held 6 Tuesdays starting December 7th from 3pm-4:30pm 

The theme that all practices, prompts and exercises will be centered around are Self-care and Empowerment. (More details to come...)

Session Dates are as follows: 

Welcome Session 1: December 7th 

Session 2: December 14th 

Session 3: December 21

Session 4: December 28th ( depending on a group vote for this day) 

Session 4 or 5: January 4th 

Session 5 or Closing Session 6: January 11th 

Back-up Session 6: January 18th (depending on final 12/28 decision) 

2nd Back-up Session 6: January 25th (back up date in case of any inclement weather postponements) 

Sessions 1-5 will be held in Northern Baltimore County in the Towson/Timonium area. The final session will be a gathering at Pretty Boy Reservoir In Parkton, Maryland and will include a fire ceremony + celebration. 

If you are interested but uncertain and want to continue hearing details as time goes on, such as weekly session topics, fill out this form here.

Cost for the full 6-week commitment is $450. If you want to pay per session, that is also an option which will be $82/session although I still ask that you commit for the full 6 weeks to provide a consistent and safe container for everyone involved. If you would like to pay per session, please email me, and I will set that up for you. 

If you're ready to make this commitment to yourself in a container that will empower you to prioritize your well-being and make space for yourself while using nature and community, 

make sure you register today to save your spot! 

I cannot wait to see you there! 

In support,